Thanks to a common life style and a collector's passion, we are CPL Stanley Slape (ex-9th Infantry Division) and CPL Patrick William Campbell (ex-4th Infantry Division) and we have formed a team since the end of 2000, which is based on the LRP that served in Vietnam. At the present moment we operate in the Czech Republic and we have a unit consisting of 6 members:


- SSG Charles Carpenter

- SSG Mick Leinwand

- SGT Mario Rossi

- SGT Patrick William Campbell

- SP5 Dave Lee Underwood

- SP4 Paul Given


Honored members:

- SSG Stanley Slape Jr.

- SP4 Raymond Pope

- SP4 John MacCormack

- SP4 Daniel Perez


     Everything that we do is based on a maximum and strict adherence to the original equipment and outfits. Our weapons are airsoft (electric powered) copies of the original versions, which we use during battle campaigns with other historical army clubs and also with regiments that have similar aims. However, we don't have any respect for exclusively rated established airsoft clubs and their players. Therefore our motto is: 'First place is originality and authenticity, only thereafter airsoft!'. We put a lot of emphasis on this, even with the intake of new members. Nevertheless, it's not important with which equipment he accepts but with what kind of feeling and taste he wants to attain, that has the greatest authenticity. Height and reward for us, are our photographs and their recognition from veterans, who did military service in the Vietnam War.


     Email lrrp@seznampointcz





      'We are proud of it, that we can wear an original uniform, which was a daily part of every American soldier, who passed through this 'Green Hell', as well as to those that were with them, who never made it back.'

                                                                             SGT Patrick W. Campbell